Brush strokes on Pelion's canvas

The picturesque mountain villages are characterised by the distinct and unique Pelion house architecture. The village square with plane trees and the coffee shops of the elders, small waterfalls and creeks, old churches and monasteries and the old «kalderimia» - small, narrow alleys covered with round gray stones. White and green are the colors that dominate on the mountain.

The fishing-villages by the seaside mostly resemble the greek island style, with white houses, narrow lanes, small ports and bays, sandy beaches with colorful fishing boats. Pelion is littered with pathways and trails on the mountain or by the sea, each one introducing the hiker to a new facet of the spectacular variety of nature and setting that characterizes the mountain. This variety is no accident. It is actually a result of the unique geological morphology of the mountain which allows for many different climates within a relatively small radius. During the guided trails described in the Groups section, visitors are often surprised at how they can be hiking under the moist, chilly shade of the dense mountain forests in the morning and sunbathe on the warm sand by the sea in the afternoon. And all without even getting in a car!