The historic "Little Train of Pelion"

300m above Hiron Kentavros, is a five-arched stone built brigde which the famous "Little Train of Pelion" crosses twice every weekend. This unique steam train sets off from the nearby village of Lechonia on a picturesque, 15km two hour climb to the village of Milies. The Pelion railway was a dynamic element of cultural development during the first half of the twentieth century and it greatly influenced the history and environment of Pelion and Magnesia in general. The small train was in use for 76 years (1895-1971) transporting people and goods from Volos to the villages of Pelion helping the local economy flourish. The railway was engineered by Evaristo de Chirico, the father of renowned painter and sculptor Giorgio de Chirico. Today, after approximately 27 years of silence the little train's whistle can be heard blowing again, thanks to the strenuous efforts of the local community, this time serving recreational rather than practical purposes. The passengers can enjoy the panoramic views of the sea from the mountain, breathe in the cool forest air and marvel at the bridges the train crosses along the way (the five arched bridge hidden in the olive forest behind Hiron Kentavros and the sturdy iron bridge near Milies, which is considered an architectural achievement for steam railways across the whole of Europe).