A mountain surrounded by sea...

More than 300 Km of multifarious, lacy coast is what Pelion has to offer to the lovers of the Sea. Every corner, every trail and hidden path that leads towards the sea is a new magical beach waiting to be discovered!

Have you ever dreamed of having a whole beach to yourself and your loved ones? You can do it in Pelion. Regardless of the time of year Pelion offers enough shores to its visitors so that everyone can enjoy the sea as publicly or privately as they wish! You want lively beaches with music, drinks and water sports? You got it! You want a romantic beach where all you can hear is the spash of the waves and the song of the sea gulls? You got that too!

Regardless of the choice of beach one thing is certain: The water is going to be as clear and blue as the sky itself! Local fishermen and scuba divers often joke about how you don't really need a mask when diving in the waters of Pelion. It won't take long after your first dive to discover why!