Meet Mountain Pelion!

Pelion has the unique geographical characteristic of being both a peninsula and a mountain range, about 20 Km wide, 90 Km long and 1650m high, audaciously demanding its share of the Aegean sea and the Mediterranean sky.

Its richness in life, both flora and fauna, is another of its unique to all of Greece characteristics. The mountain forests are full of chestnut, apple, pear, cherry, olive, fig, and even kiwi trees. The melting snow of the winter, creating the creeks and fountains of ever running clear water and the lush shade of the plane trees, provide the hikers with all the basic supplies they would ever need.

Pagaseticos gulf is the area the Pelion peninsula protects from the strong winds that blow over the Aegean. This creates even more variety in vegetation, setting and climate. While West Pelion is full of fruit and flower gardens, olive trees, and quiet, sunny, sandy beaches with mild waters, East Pelion is covered in wild vegetation, countless springs of running water and pebbly shores washed by deep blue, white crest waves.