Visit Greece but not the islands?

Of course not!

We did say that Pelion offers the most complete and pure snapshot of Greece didn't we? Indeed, the island complex of "Sporades" is a half an hour ferry boat journey from the Pelion village of Platanias. Skiathos is the closest of the Sporades to Pelion and also the most touristic one.

Ferries and flying dolphins depart daily from Volos and Skiathos to the equally beautiful islands of Skopelos and Allonisos. If you are visiting Hiron Kentavros as part of an organized group a daily cruise to Skiathos is included in the programme.

Moreover the beautiful island of Trikeri, which marks the tip of the Pelion peninsula, and the surrounding smaller islands offer another easily accessible destination from Hiron Kentavros and a great example of authentic Greek fishing villages that have been virtually untouched by time.